Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Writing is Thinking, Thinking is Writing

Sudden Clarity Clarence
One of my favorite memes...
Often, people consider thinking and writing to be two separate acts.

Recently, however, I read the idea that in order to think something out, you write it.

Sure, that's not the only way thinking is done, but it goes against our common convention that first you have to think about something, and then you can write it out.

But what if writing IS thinking?

Sure, you have to think while you write, about what you're going to say, how you're going to express those words, so it wasn't as if anyone ever said that you were not writing while you were thinking.

But what if writing is the actual process that takes those cloudy, muddled thoughts and makes them something coherent, something expressible, makes them ACTUAL thoughts, where before they were just clouds and mud.

Maybe not mud.  But you get the idea.

Maybe we THINK we have an idea, but when we write it out, we see whether or not we actually do.  Because in our heads, we can feel very strongly about an idea, it can feel right for us, but if we can't express it, in words, a drawing, in something (probably words) then what the hell is it?

What the hell is it?

I think it's a feeling.

But that's me "thinking" again.

Another (holy shit, I just realized that "an + other" = another) argument is the obvious one, that when we string together thoughts, it's difficult to remember that progression, hard to go off on tangents in our mind, while on paper (or the screen, let's keep it real) it's much, much easier to have tangential thoughts and then return to the original argument.

See what I mean?

There was a reason that writing was invented, and sure, it's for communication, but it's also to sharpen or heighten or supercharge our minds.

Maybe not "supercharge."

Maybe not "minds?"

Eh.  Losing steam...

Last random thought: Sea Wolf's "Old World Romance" is a very, very solid album.

And I think Amazon is selling the mp3 album for 3 bucks or something.

Best 3 bucks you'll ever spend.

Seriously, kids.

-DJ Octoon

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